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Five Pitfalls Multifamily Developers Should Look Out for When Choosing a Custom Aluminum Manufacturer

If you work in multifamily development, the following information should come as no surprise: the industry of developing and managing multifamily real estate is booming, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

A combination of factors, including the switch to remote work and the price of buying homes outright – has pushed more people towards the favorable aspects of renting an apartment. In fact, according to RealPage, demand for multifamily housing in 2021 was quite high, with 673,478 units in demand.

As far as new developments in multifamily real estate, just over 300,000 new multifamily units were completed in 2021, leaving a huge opportunity for developers to build and renovate more multifamily buildings, to catch up with demand. In short, multifamily housing presents an endless opportunity for developers and investors today. 

However, today’s tech-savvy renter can browse hundreds of suitable apartments nearby with the touch of a button making apartment searching a largely visual process. That’s why every detail in the design matters, from the curve of the arched ceilings, to the finish of the floors, down to the material and design of the railings inside and outside of the building.

Aluminum Apartment Railings

Pitfalls For Multifamily Developers to Avoid When Choosing an Aluminum Manufacturer

If you need custom aluminum work for your property, you may be overwhelmed by the number of manufacturers to choose from. Some developers may take the easy route and pick whichever is cheapest – but that can be costly in the long run. Educating yourself on how to choose an experienced, high-quality custom aluminum manufacturer for your property can make all the difference in assuring your units are beautiful and safe for residents. Below, we will outline some important points to keep in mind when choosing the right aluminum manufacturer for your property needs.

Custom Aluminum’s Importance in Multifamily Development

Many renters may favor an apartment with a well-kept balcony. A big part of a balcony’s safety and aesthetic appeal is its railings. That’s where custom aluminum railings can help greatly, both improving the look and safety of your balconies, and the longevity. Aluminum railing and fences may be necessary for other parts of the property as well, whether for handrails in communal staircases, an enclosed dog park, or a custom trellis to compliment your community pool. Put simply – custom aluminum structures can help your property have a more cohesive and polished look. Not only this, but the durability that comes with aluminum railings will be an asset to potential buyers of the units. 

Look for a Manufacturer who Provides Customized Designs

No two properties are alike. That’s why multifamily developers should avoid using aluminum manufacturers who only provide cookie-cutter designs for their unique needs. By choosing a manufacturer who can custom fit your aluminum structure to the job site’s dimensions, you can assure your building will have the highest quality possible. Using standard aluminum designs can look unkept, but also, present safety issues if the structures do not fit properly into the building specifications.

Look for a Manufacturer with High-Quality Materials 

It can be tempting for multifamily developers to simply choose the cheapest option available when looking for an aluminum manufacturer. However, developers should take pause at a very good price tag. High-quality materials will ensure the structures you choose for your property will be worth every cent, as high-quality materials will last years and be a worthwhile investment. Choosing a manufacturer who uses low-quality materials may save a little upfront but cost a lot down the line when materials need to be replaced more frequently than typical.

Look for a Manufacturer who Designs and Installs

Sometimes, a property developer will choose an aluminum manufacturer to design their structures, and then have them installed on-site by a third party. Whenever possible, developers should avoid this costly mistake. By choosing an aluminum manufacturer who can design and install your structures, you ensure that the cohesive look stays consistent. An experienced manufacturer will have the deepest understanding of how to properly install aluminum structures, so they are durable and safe.

Look for the Most Experienced Manufacturers 

If you are looking to “take a chance” on someone – don’t let it be your aluminum manufacturer. While it may be okay to give the underdog a shot when it comes to picking a company for landscaping or interior design, it’s not so when it comes to your aluminum manufacturer. Your aluminum structures are an important piece of the building’s structural soundness, as well as its exterior aesthetic, two things that are paramount to the success of a multifamily property. 

You should seek a company with years of experience in high-quality custom aluminum manufacturing, and that has a portfolio you can trust. Experience is one of the best teachers when it comes to custom manufacturing, and you want to make sure you are choosing a company with knowledge. 

Bottom Line

There are many important pieces to developing a successful and profitable multifamily development. Undoubtedly, you will need aluminum rails and structures somewhere throughout your property, maybe even in multiple places. Given how integral these structures are to a property’s safety and curb appeal, make sure to do your research before choosing the aluminum manufacturer you will work with.

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