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Top Trends in Custom Railing for Multifamily Developments in North America

These days, multifamily developments are far more than just apartments – they are self-sustaining communities. Often with endless features such as on-site fitness centers, outdoor spaces, pools, dog parks, hot tubs, and more; the must-have features and amenities for renters are increasing rapidly.

With the addition of such personalized amenity spaces, comes the need for customized structures. For example, if you do choose to feature a community pool, you’ll need a custom railing for safety and aesthetic purposes. Many savvy multifamily developers will choose aluminum for their railing needs.

Why Choose Aluminum Railing for Multifamily Developments?

When developing a multifamily property, it would be foolish to think shortsightedly. The goal of a successful multifamily property is to generate income, with minimal maintenance, for decades to come. 

In short, multifamily developers should be thinking about three central things when choosing the materials that they will use on their property: durability, maintenance, and aesthetics.

Aluminum Railings Are Durable 

When choosing a railing material for residential balconies, pool fencing, dog park railings, and more – what’s most important? The answer should always be durability. Though curb appeal plays a part, durability is vital to ensuring these structures will be safe and need minimal maintenance for years to come.

Why do many multifamily developers choose aluminum for their custom railing needs? It’s because aluminum is resilient and durable. Aluminum railings are rot-resistant (unlike wood) and do not begin to degrade when exposed to the elements. Unlike metal or copper, aluminum railings will not tarnish or rust, either. Overall, aluminum can withstand a variety of environments without losing structural integrity, which is great for buildings with harsh climates that face snow and low temperatures in the winter, and direct sunlight in the summer months.

Aluminum Railings Are Customizable 

With multifamily development being such a booming industry, it’s important to stand out from the crowd. Making sure your property has a curated and unique aesthetic can draw more renter’s eyes to your units – and away from the competition. 

Aluminum railings offer endless customization without any fuss. Aluminum railings can be customized to your property’s unique specifications – making sure the fit, color, and style fit your development perfectly. Unlike custom woodworking – aluminum can be customized in an automated and easy way. You don’t have to give up practicality for beauty with aluminum railings. 

Aluminum Is Better for Our Environment 

Sustainable practices are becoming a hot topic in multifamily developments today, and rightfully so. With many multifamily buildings and developers looking to keep a promise of sustainable, earth-friendly construction, with certifications such as the LEED building certificate being highly sought after, many developers are focused on what materials are best for the environment.

In addition to aluminum’s durability and favorable aesthetic qualities, it is a LEED-certified material. Aluminum railings are lightweight, yet durable, and infinitely recyclable. Unlike wood, no natural resources are used to create aluminum structures.

Data says that up to 60% of the aluminum used in buildings today is made from recycled materials. Due to aluminum’s durability, it creates less wasteful practices as it will need to be replaced far less often than its competitors. Overall, aluminum is the right choice to make for the environment.


Glass Railing for Multifamily Developments

Many multifamily developers are looking to draw potential renter’s eyes with an impressive façade – one that will make them stop and take a tour! There is no better way to provide an eye-catching façade than beautiful custom aluminum railings with glass inserts.

Glass balcony railings can allow renters to enjoy the full view from their balcony – unobstructed by unsightly bars. Glass railings also provide unparalleled safety – with no cracks or slits for small animals and children to potentially slip through. Laminated glass inserts keep residents safe while providing a luxury finish. Durable and resistant aluminum railings keep the structure looking great for years to come. 

Glass aluminum railings can also be used in other settings, such as by the pool or dog park. These glass railings look luxurious to the passerby – making them curious to see if the apartment is up for sale. They’re also easy to clean and maintain, thanks to aluminum’s durable nature.

Aesthetic Trends in Aluminum Railing for Multifamily Development

Aluminum railings are so customizable – they can fit a variety of desired aesthetics! Many multifamily developments today are looking for a clean and modern aesthetic that aluminum can provide.

Bottom Line

Multifamily developments are looking for high-end, aesthetically pleasing, yet durable materials to make their property look the best it can. Aluminum provides everything a multifamily developer is wishing for: from its durable and weather-resistant nature to its environmentally-friendly material makeup, and the beautiful aesthetic that can be created with custom railings and glass inserts – aluminum railings aren’t going anywhere when it comes to trends in multifamily housing.

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