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East & West Alum Craft LTD.

Where customization meets design

From humble beginnings to building a trend-setting business from scratch, we pioneered welding aluminum railings in Canada in the 1960s since aluminum was quicker to cut, faster to weld and much lighter to hoist than steel. Since then, we have provided manufacturing for Aluminum Railings, Glass Railings, Trellises, Picket Railing and Fencing to commercial spaces. Not only do we manufacture railings, but we cover every step from the first meeting to producing 3D drawings to installation, delivering an all-in-one solution for your needs.

Welcome to East & West Alum Craft Ltd.

Combining over 45 years of experience with exceptional customizability, we take into account architectural design.

We work hard to meet all of your specific requirements with a high standard of quality and design. With special attention to what makes good quality manufacturing, installation and design, we provide many options to use in your next project to ensure top quality.

Design your next project with access to specific design requirements such as: 

  • Whether 6061 or 6005 marine-grade alloy
  • Super-durable AAMA 2604 paint
  • Capacity of 1000 lineal feet of custom railing per day 
  • AAMA 2605 specifications 
  • Flu carbon-based paint

From balcony rails, fencing, trellises and handrails, you choose what works best for your space and we worry about customizing it to fit your needs.

With glass offset from the rail, glass between posts, glass with horizontal bars, square posts and flat-bar posts, the combinations are endless. 

Your design shouldn’t be modified due to lack of customization.

Maintain a beautiful view

What you see out of your windows and balcony doors matters. Whether it’s a beachfront, city skyline, or rolling mountain hills, our customization will allow you to optimize your view, without compromising on safety and quality. With manufacturing facilities covering 65,000 sq. feet, we can manufacture over 1,000 lineal feet of custom railing per day, making customization a quick and easy process so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your view.

Pair safety with style

We work hand in hand with Architects, Developers, and Contractors to design railing systems that fit your aesthetic needs and your budget. Our product is a custom welded system that will stand the best test of time so you can enjoy the new look and feel of your railings long after they have been installed. From a wrought-iron appearance to nearly fully transparent grass rails, our customizable dyes and high-quality materials will help us design your ideal railings.

Making beautiful builds in a beautiful world

Valuing our earth requires care and compassion, that’s why with every railing that we manufacture and install, we meet high standards for the safety of the environment. Our railings last the test of time, meaning that you will not have to replace them and we will, collectively, produce less waste.

Aluminum can be recycled and reused and still maintain its properties. Therefore, with the material we use, the cycle can last a lifetime, making less of a mark on the environment than other alternatives.

Experience top quality

With a team of over 150 employees, some of which have been in the industry for over 40 years, we aim to always deliver the highest quality for our customers. From Architects to Developers to end-users, we ensure that everyone involved with the project has their expectations exceeded.

Able to use high-quality materials such as high-performance exterior specification AAMA 2605 paint, the best bolts in the industry and carefully manufactured aluminum and other materials, our railings can permit water usage, sustain harsh sunlight, and will continue to look and feel great, reducing continuous maintenance fees.

From the first quote, to design and development, to months after we have installed the railings, our baseline is delivering top quality.

Call us for a free consultation and let’s bring your designs to life.

1. Aluminum & Glass Railings

Offering a wide range of aluminum and glass railing products, we have an inventory of over 30 proprietary top profiles, making our components easy to modify to suit your requirements. 


Our systems are custom welded, are extremely versatile and you can choose from the following options: glass offset from the rail, glass between posts, glass with horizontal bars, square posts, and flat-bar posts.

2. Aluminum Picket Railings

Design is in the details. That is why we understand the importance of customization with unique and distinct details. From tops, picket size, shapes and posts, your space can be one of a kind without sacrificing quality or budget. 

3. Trellises

Nothing can compare to the beauty of late afternoon sunlight beaming through our aluminum powder trellises. These offer clean lines, low maintenance, and can add extra emphasis to any outdoor or indoor/outdoor space creating a semi-shade. In many cases, we can design alternatives to wood or steel trellises that fit your requirements and budget. 

4. Custom Railings

We work with highly customized railings and aluminum parts, giving you full control over what look and feel you want for your space and the ability to make your ideal designs come to life. We can modify our components to design custom rails using multiple products such as perforated aluminum sheets, aluminum woven wire mesh, and much more.