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Why Real Estate Investment Corporations Should Have Confidence in Custom Railing Manufacturers for Developments

It’s important that investors feel confident in their multifamily real estate developments. Investors will also find it important that any improvements or renovations to a building they’ve invested capital in are done with the highest-quality materials and with the least waste possible.

Investors want their assets to be safe, modern, and attractive to present-day renters. When it comes to choosing railings, aluminum ticks all these boxes and more.

Custom Aluminum Railing is the Premier Choice in North America

You may need railings at your property for all sorts of purposes, railings are often found on balconies, lining walkways, around the pool, and more. These necessary pieces of your property are important for resident safety and curb appeal.

When you use custom aluminum railing, you are ensuring top-notch safety, an appealing aesthetic, and lasting durability. The benefits of custom aluminum railings in multifamily buildings are numerous.

 Here’s a list of the most important benefits of aluminum railings for multifamily real estate development:

    • Durability. North America gets a variety of weather from snow to rain to sleet. Aluminum is resistant to any type of weather. Aluminum does not rot like wood, nor does it rust! 
    • Low maintenance. Most aluminum railings are coated with a powder which provides further protection from the elements and makes the railings a breeze to care for. Unlike wood, aluminum railings do not need to be resealed or repainted. 
    • Customizable. You can get custom aluminum railings in a variety of designs and colors! You can choose infills with different materials, such as stainless steel or glass, making it ideal for a multifamily development that wants to stand out from the competition. 
    • Increased curb appeal. Apartment hunting is a visual experience. If prospective renters don’t like the look of the exterior, they’re likely to look elsewhere. Make your property the most successful it can be by investing time into making sure the façade looks pristine. 
    • Sturdiness. Aluminum railings are sturdy and reliable, making them safe for an array of residents. They can easily be gripped on for security. 
    • Eco-Friendly. Aluminum can be recycled and used over and over. It’s estimated that 60% of aluminum today is made of recycled materials.  

Aluminum Railings vs. Other Materials

When investing in materials for multifamily real estate developments, it’s important to choose materials that are high-quality, durable and built to last.

Aluminum vs. Wood 

Before the days of custom aluminum railings, wood was a popular choice for developers when choosing a material for their railings. However, wood is susceptible to some major problems. Wood does not fare well in the elements and is susceptible to rot and degradation over time. To keep ahead of rotting, you will need to ensure they are frequently repainted and resealed. 

Wood can also be dangerous for residents to grab onto and can cause splinters in the hands. Plus, wood isn’t eco-friendly. It takes lots of trees to make wood railings, which cannot be replaced quickly, and have a negative environmental impact. Unlike wood, aluminum needs minimal maintenance, is durable even when exposed to the elements, and typically made from recycled aluminum, making it eco-friendly. 

Aluminum vs. Vinyl 

Vinyl is more durable than wood but much less durable than aluminum railings. The greater hardness of aluminum makes it more resistant to scratches and dents. Vinyl often reacts unfavorably to long-term UV exposure, and discolored portions can appear on vinyl railings from exposure to sunlight. Vinyl railings have fewer options for customization, narrowing your design choices. Additionally, vinyl is susceptible to size fluctuations in hot and cold temperatures, causing the material to wear and age more quickly.

In contrast, aluminum railings do not react to the elements, even in direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. The color, and durability, of aluminum railings, remain the same throughout the seasons. Plus, aluminum railings are some of the most customizable on the market.

Aluminum vs. Steel

Steel and aluminum are similar in some respects – they both offer a hardy, durable material which makes a stable railing. However, steel railings will naturally rust over time. Manufacturers can delay rust with a sealant or coating, but it is still an inevitable outcome of using steel railings.

In contrast, aluminum does not rust or rot and does not need sealing or coating to perform well outdoors.

Bottom Line 

After reading about the benefits of aluminum railings, it’s easy to see why real estate investors and developers should have total confidence in aluminum railings for their properties. Aluminum railings are sturdy, customizable, durable through all weather, recyclable, and safe. When it comes to choosing railings for new developments, aluminum custom railings provide the durability and longevity that real estate developers desire.

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