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Stunning Craftsmanship for The Gateway to Downtown Vancouver

A Look Into The Arc

More than just a building, The Arc now stands as “the gateway” to downtown and embodies the shift towards greater architectural aesthetics across the Lower Mainland. Located beside the Cambie Street Bridge and False Creek’s waterfront, its two curved towers offer stunning views of the city and North Shore mountains.
After more than 3 years of dedication from East & West Alum Craft and our collaborators, The Arc was completed in 2019. This unique development project is now an iconic landmark in downtown Vancouver, boasting 560 residential homes, commercial space, and a unique bridge on the 20th floor with Canada’s highest glass-bottom swimming pool.

The East & West Aluminum Craft Quality Promise

With over fifty years in the industry, our team leverages our vast experience to guarantee unparalleled quality and innovation in every project we undertake. We hold a deep sense of pride in our significant contributions to enhancing Vancouver’s architectural landscape. Through partnerships with leading developers across the Lower Mainland, we have consistently realized visionary projects such as The Arc, showcasing our commitment to excellence and creative prowess.

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Residential and Commercial Aluminum Railings

The Arc project stands as a testament to East & West’s relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence. Over the course of three years, our skilled artisans meticulously crafted premium aluminum railings, now a defining feature of both the 28-story and 30-story towers. This dedication not only elevated the aesthetic charm of the buildings but also guaranteed unmatched views with the highest safety and support offered by our premium products across the 560 units. The Arc reflects our unwavering commitment to detail and quality, ensuring it remains an architectural landmark for years to come.

Customized Railings for Over 560 Balconies

East & West takes immense pride in being instrumental in the creation of The Arc, one of Vancouver’s most distinctive constructions. By merging our extensive experience, strategic planning, and meticulous craftsmanship, we ensured that every premium aluminum railing met the customized needs of this iconic building.

Utilizing our advanced water-jet cutting technology, each railing was tailor-made, embodying our commitment to innovation and excellence. This cutting-edge approach enables us to produce an outstanding final product that perfectly complements the artistic vision of all of our projects.

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Transform your next project with reliable, efficient and top-quality manufacturing.

The Finished Gateway

Perfectly situated in the heart of the bustling Yaletown neighborhood, The Arc offers residents an exclusive lifestyle amidst the best amenities downtown Vancouver has to offer. Its prestigious location affords residents easy access to sophisticated shopping experiences, gourmet dining, a wide array of entertainment options, and comprehensive public transport links. 

Integral to The Arc’s overall design, our bespoke aluminum railings add a layer of elegance and safety to the unique architectural symbol. Drawing on the craftsmanship and aesthetic sensitivity that distinguished our work on projects throughout the Lower Mainland, these railings are more than functional elements. Premium quality aluminum railings are key contributors to the architectural harmony and welcoming atmosphere that define this landmark, enhancing the connection between its luxurious residential units and vibrant urban surroundings.


Working With East & West Alum Craft

East & West Alum Craft is committed to embodying timeless sophistication in our precision-engineered aluminum railings. Over five decades, we have refined our precision and artistry, delivering high-quality aluminum railings that stand the test of time. Elevate your next architectural project by partnering with East & West—our quality craftsmanship will meet any customization requirements with ease.

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Transform your next project with reliable, efficient and top-quality manufacturing.