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The Arc: An Iconic Gateway to Downtown Vancouver

Strolling through the streets of downtown Vancouver, you might encounter an eye-catching building that stands out among the rest. This architectural masterpiece is known as The Arc, a luxury residential oasis nestled in the heart of Vancouver’s downtown. 

Constructed in 2019, The Arc is a shining example of innovation and design, resulting from a collaboration between Concord Pacific and East & West Aluminum Craft.

Inside The Arc Project

The Arc, celebrated as the Gateway to Downtown Vancouver due to its location next to the Cambie Street Bridge, embodies a contemporary and unique architectural marvel with over 560 condo units spread across two towers.

Nestled near the scenic waterfront of False Creek, The Arc boasts an iconic curved design, allowing residents to enjoy unparalleled views of the cityscape and the lush North Shore mountains. It’s located in the vibrant Yaletown neighborhood, offering vistas of the inlet to the southeast, further enhancing its allure. 

Its two residential towers, The Arc and The Arc Sky Collection, are not just living spaces but were designed with the Vancouverite lifestyle in mind. The entire complex boasts modern amenities, with its standout feature being a state-of-the-art, glass-bottom pool suspended on the 20th floor. This architectural highlight connects the two towers and offers a swimming experience like no other.

Experienced Unique Customization

As one of the most unique builds in all of Vancouver, East & West is proud to have played a pivotal role in assembling The Arc.
The impressive, artistic building that stands proudly near the waterfront is the result of the expertise of the East & West team, blending together thoughtful planning and meticulous crafting. Working closely with Francl Architecture, Centreville Construction, and Concord Pacific, we ensured that the unique customization specifications were met with quality craftsmanship.
Every railing delivered was customized using our water-jet cutting technology. This innovative technology allows us to deliver an exceptional end product that aligns with all of the artistic requirements of our projects.

Premium Aluminum Railings

For more than three years, East & West’s skilled team of artisans worked on The Arc project, creating premium aluminum railings that now adorn both the 28-story and 30-story towers.
These railings enhance the aesthetic appeal of the buildings while offering unparalleled views and ensuring the safety of the residents in all 560 units.

A Modernistic Landmark Brought to Life

The Arc stands as a pinnacle of upscale residential development, marking a significant milestone in Vancouver’s real estate landscape. It showcases the city’s transition towards luxury living spaces while symbolizing a commitment to visionary and timeless architectural design.

This project represents a trend we aspire to see more broadly across the Lower Mainland, reflecting a growing emphasis on quality, aesthetics, and innovation in urban development.

At East & West Alum Craft, we embrace the essence of enduring elegance through our precision-crafted aluminum railings. With five decades of honing our craft, we have consistently delivered architectural masterpieces that stand the test of time. Partner with us and experience the hallmark of quality craftsmanship that has defined our legacy for 50 years.

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